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Our Scuba Diving Equipment

Rental Equipment

Aqua Adventure prides itself on the quality of its rental equipment. New divers who have not yet purchased their own equipment can rest easy with the knowledge that all of our equipment is less than two years old and only from the very best manufacturer, SCUBAPRO.

In recognition of Aqua Adventure’s continuing effort to provide first-class guest services, amenities, safety, and innovative diving equipment, we are proud to feature SCUBAPRO dive gear on all our boats. SCUBAPRO was selected to provide a high-quality dive experience for our guests.

Our choice for fins is MARES HP, ideal for warm water, maintaining optimal thrust throughout every phase of the fining stroke to minimize fatigue, and with soft anatomical foot pocket with ribbed insole for an improved fit and a dramatically more efficient fin stroke. Weights and belts are included on our boat trips.

Scuba Pro logo


3 mm Premium Neoprene shorty suit

50 sets


Scuba Tanks in a row
Primarily 80 cu. ft. aluminum tanks with K valves. A few smaller 63 cu. ft. tanks are available for children.
200 sets
Included with all boat trips


Scuba divers with equipment emerging from the beach
4 sets

Mask/ Fins / Snorkel Set

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving fins

Fins are full foot fins with sizes from 3-4 and 11-13

250+ sets

Buoyancy Compensators

Scuba Vest with focus on pressure gauage

50 sets

Regulators with Alternate Air Source & Consoles

Aqua Adventures sells representative showing customer a regulator for scuba diving

50 sets

Each piece of rental equipment is replaced every 12-24 months. We try to keep gear split into multiple cycles, which allows for new influx into the rental department every 6 to 9 months.

The styles and brands shown above reflect our most recent purchases. However, the actual equipment issued to you may differ. Rest assured, if you do receive another brand or style, it is of the same reputable quality and from leading manufacturers.

All prices are correct as of the revision date listed at the bottom of this page. Prices and brands are subject to change without notice.

Gear Up!

Whether you need a complete set of scuba diving equipment, want to “reward yourself” for finishing your latest dive course, or need a replacement for that worn out regulator hose, we can get you what you need to enjoy your dives with confidence!

Our spacious waterfront retail store is situated in a prime location at El Conquistador Marina. We stock a full range of SCUBA equipment for all your diving needs. From snorkels to specialized high-end scuba equipment. We are Mares, Bare, and Scubapro dealers.