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Scuba Diving

The Best Scuba diving in San Juan, Fajardo, and Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

No matter your experience level, scuba diving Puerto Rico is a must on your next vacation! Select your location and desired scuba diving trip from the options below.

Aqua Adventure knows where to find the ultimate dive sites in San Juan, Fajardo, and Culebra Island. We can take you to explore the easier shallow dives or bring you on an adventure to the more advanced, intricate dives. Float above coral reefs and look for parrotfish, blue tangs, dark purple sea fans, and more. Culebra Island – The 11-square-mile island of Culebra is known for its unspoiled beauty and remote, secluded dive spots. With miles of beaches, this oasis is perfect for water adventures of all kinds. Culebra is home to some of the best dive spots in the Caribbean, whether your scuba diving trip takes you to the quaint town of Dewey or the tiny offshore cay, Culebrita. San Juan – Puerto Rico’s capital city is home to much more than amazing nightlife, historic neighborhoods, and fortresses. Scuba diving San Juan offers a unique way to discover the wildlife that thrives around the city.

Our dive site is located in the San Juan Bay Estuary, an aquatic ecosystem consisting of lagoons, bays, marshes, and mangroves. Look for turtles and even manatees! Fajardo – This eastern town is a hub for water sports activities, and some of Puerto Rico’s best dive sites are located just a short boat ride from Fajardo! Calm sea conditions, crystal clear water, and depths of 30 to 80 feet make Fajardo a great location for scuba diving in Puerto Rico. Some of the islands accessible from Fajardo have even been used in films like Pirates of the Caribbean. Be on the lookout for spotted eagle rays, stingrays, and other creatures.