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Fajardo Snorkeling and Scuba Adventure

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving in Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Quick Details

Adult Snorkeling Adventure Morning and Afternoon
Children Snorkeling Adventure Morning and Afternoon

Dive the Finest Reefs in Fajardo

Scuba diving and snorkeling sites in Puerto Rico are just a short boat trip from Fajardo, and we take you there aboard one of our two 46-foot Newton Custom  Boats. Our crew knows where to find calm sea conditions.

We depart from Isleta Marina in Fajardo to our snorkel excursions, and go to either the Keys off Fajardo. Both locations are great for snorkeling. The reefs in Fajardo provide the conditions necessary to bring people with different skill levels. Snorkelers will most often find themselves in 15 feet of water.

Reefs are colorful and filled with all kind of marine life like turtles, lobster, blue tangs, stingrays and many more.

Snorkel equipment includes: mask, snorkel, fins, flotation, and vest.

During the morning trip we visit 1 snorkeling location plus a beach stop.

The reef provides great conditions for snorkeling and scuba diving for certified and non certified divers.

* Morning Excursion check in time is 8:00 AM for snorkelers and returns to the pier about 1:00PM
* Afternoon Trips check in time is 1:30 PM, depart 2:00 PM, for snorkelers and returns to the pier at about 5:30pm
* What to bring: towel, bathing suit and sunscreen

Our signature Tuxedo Service includes fresh fruit, chips and dips, bottled water, and sodas. Join us for the best diving and snorkeling experience you can find in Fajardo!
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