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SNUBA in Culebra

SNUBA East of the Fajardo Islands

Quick Details

Map Marker Meeting point: Isleta Marina Ferry

Adult 13 and up
Child 8-12

Culebra Island SNUBA Adventure

Join us on a SNUBA adventure throughout the Carlos Rosario beach area, where you have the chance to spot the turtles and stingrays that are residents in the area. The huge expansion of coral reef off Culebra also gives you the opportunity to see colorful tropical fish, many species of coral, and much more.

On the boat SNUBA adventure, our experienced crew and SNUBA guides take you to visit some of the most beautiful islands the eastern region of Puerto Rico has to offer. They provide diving instruction and ensure you have fun while you spot the amazing wildlife. During your SNUBA dive, you have the opportunity to encounter sea turtles, stingrays, reefs, and lots of tropical fish. Don’t miss out on the white sand and crystal clear water beaches that these islands offer. It’s an exciting and memorable experience for the whole family!