Puerto Rico offers a magnificence ocean temperature of 81ºF and underwater visibility averages from 60 to 75 feet near the beach. Offshore it is easily 100 feet or more! So for Scuba in Puerto Rico, we are a diver’s paradise...

There are countless scuba diving sites in Puerto Rico including Culebra, Vieques and The Virgin Islands. For snorkeling in Puerto Rico , the shallow reefs near Fajardo and Culebra are perfect. Don’t miss the experience of Diving in Paradise!
Readers of Scuba Diving magazine have named Puerto Rico as one of the Top Five Destinations for Scuba Diving in the Caribbean and the Atlantic region in the 2006 Readers' Choice Awards which were announced in the January/February issue of Scuba Diving. Puerto Rico was also honored as being one of the Top 20 Overall Dive Destinations in this region.

During the last Ice Age, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands formed one land mass. Today, the waters connecting these islands are uniformly shallow, and the marine life is spectacular. Exquisite communities of elaborate patch reefs and dazzling reef fish sit in clear turquoise waters rarely deeper than 760 feet. Reached by boat, these sites challenge both novice and experienced divers. Dive conditions are consistently favorable, underwater photography is exceptionally good, and night dives are memorable.

Scuba divers see very special things in Puerto Rico. Pristine reefs, spectacular walls, intriguing caverns, and mangrove-topped cays define the tropical waters that surround Puerto Rico. They form the backdrop for dives that are as dazzling as any found in the Caribbean and as diverse as the surrounding marine life. Multitudes of fish coexist with endangered manatees and humpback whales. Corals abound, including species that are mere memories on other islands. Dive options are as varied as the scuba diving sites. Explore reefs that lie within a splash of your hotel room, or ones that fringe remote islets far from shore. Start your scuba experience with an easy half-day resort course, or enjoy an advanced dive 100 feet below the surface. Puerto Rico offers shallow dives, boat dives, wall and ledge dives, night dives, cave and wreck dives, and they are all memorable.

Puerto Rico is also the Caribbean's most accessible island. It offers the flavor of a different world, with the comforts of our own.

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